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Creating websites and online stores with a reasonable price

Veebispetsid OÜ is a company that offers affordable, functional and modern web solutions. The solutions we offer are flexible, well-advised and practical. In addition of creating websites we also do online stores. If needed, we can make your company more visible using search engine optimizing and help you advertise your product or service. We use the WordPress platform, which is easy to use and understandable for an everyday user. Our work is first-rate, user-friendly and meets the standards of present-day.

Website creating

When making a website, first impression is one of the priorities in present-day information age.

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Websites made by us look nice, professional and have a modern structure. Since a lot of people use mobile devices daily, the elements on the sites we make are responsive and viewable on different devices so that no elements go missing. We make the website according to your design and functionality preferences. Thanks to WordPress we can build a website with a structure that is easy to find in search engines so the traffic on your website will increase. Websites built on WordPress platform are easy to manage and future-proof. Making necessary changes takes minimal time. Installing the website in the server is also included in the price.

Making an online store

Making an online store on your own can be hard and time-consuming, especially with no previous experience.

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We make online stores on Magento, Prestashop or WordPress platforms, highly functional and with a modern design just like our websites. Professional SEO helps people find your online store easily, makes their life more comfortable and brings you more clients. In addition we offer a marketing function, so you can collect visitors e-mail addresses and make visitors into regular buyers. Design, including positioning of elements and the color scheme will be made according to your preferences. If you don´t have a certain vision in mind, we will offer different options for you to choose from and later add on your ideas.

A selection of our work

We have created over 200 websites since 2012. Here you can see some of our latest work.

More of our work

Creating websites and marketing for the success of your company!

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Other services

Google AdWords

Google Adwords

Make your website visible.

Google AdWords is an click-based advertising platform, which performs as one of the best in making a website more visible. The ads are seen by consumers who could be interested in your products or services. The ads can be timed according to preferences and also set the location in a regional or local level. For example you can have your ad be shown only in a 50km radius from your home door. You can also direct the ads towards certain language groups. Using AdWords without previous experience and a tech savviness can cause problems. We will help you with setting up an account so you can avoid paying for a uneffective ad. We analyze keywords in the advertisement text, optimize and monitor the conversion. With our help you can take the maximum of Google AdWords and make more and more potential clients to visit your site.

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Optimizing for search engines

The main mission of search engines like Google is to help people find first-rate content that they are searching for.

The mission of SEO, short for search engine optimizing, is to make a website and its contents understandable and thereby improve the rating of your site. First-rate websites are ranking in the top in search engine results. Because the internet is a market with high competition, it is really important to follow the newest SEO actions and systems. People trust the top ranking websites more, and a well-optimized sites will raise brand knowledge and trust. The amount of website visitors and clients will increase also. If your online store or website is easy to find, you will most likely get more clients than your competition, and vice versa. We offer you optimizing in Google. Send us your top keywords, we will analyze those and make you a price quote.

Creating websites and marketing for the success of your company!

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