Google Adwords

Google AdWords is an click-based advertising platform, which performs as one of the best in making a website more visible. The ads are seen by consumers who could be interested in your products or services. The ads can be timed according to preferences and also set the location in a regional or local level. For example you can have your ad be shown only in a 50km radius from your home door. You can also direct the ads towards certain language groups. Using AdWords without previous experience and a tech savviness can cause problems. We will help you with setting up an account so you can avoid paying for a uneffective ad. We analyze keywords in the advertisement text, optimize and monitor the conversion. With our help you can take the maximum of Google AdWords and make more and more potential clients to visit your site.

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PPC short for pay per click means that you pay for the ad only when it is clicked. The more your ad is clicked on, the lower the cost per click will be. The price of a click is also influenced by how much your competitions pay per click.


Determine yourself, how much you want to pay for an ad. For example, if you set the budget for a day at 10 euros, you get as much as 100 visits per day for 10 cents per click. If you multiply that with the average amount of days in the month, it makes as much as 3040 persons a month visiting your site.


In case of correct management, Google Adwords will approve of your ad in 1-3 hours. After your ad is confirmed, it only takes a few moments for new clients to find your products and services.