Graphic design

The visual part plays a very important role on the web, as elsewhere in life. Properly chosen colors and graphics help customers navigate the website better and create a suitable mood.

The solutions we create are practical and well-thought-out, based on your idea, needs and target group.

Graphic design and illustrations help to highlight an important message on a website, generate interest and reduce the amount of text on the website.

We offer our customers the opportunity to have a completely unique website. We combine small elements into one large visual whole. From color combinations suitable for the company to the logo and other graphic elements.

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Graphic design


You have any idea what your logo might look like? Describe it to us and we will make your vision a reality. You have no ideas? We will also find a solution to this problem – describe to us the vision, goals and ideas of your company and we will create a logo suitable for your company.

When making a logo, we also proceed from where it needs to be used. It should be considered in advance whether the logo should be visible and understandable even on a small screen or whether it needs to be displayed in a large and detailed way.

Graphic design

Business cards and advertising

The business card must be simple and specific, yet eye-catching and contain everything needed. A business card creates the first impression of your company – so leave the creation of a business card to us. We guarantee that your business card will give a professional and reliable impression of your company.

Do you want to advertise on the web or in a newspaper? We can help you with that. We design eye-catching ads to promote your products or services.

Graphic design

Illustrations and graphics

In today’s world, there is an abundance of information. But how to convey important information about your products or services in a way that catches the customer’s eye and arouses interest? The answer is obvious – less text, more pictures. We create illustrations to describe the service, product or idea you offer.