What are WordPress themes and plugins?

WordPress is a web-based software, where you can do considerably a lot for the looks of your website. That is the reason a lot of people choose this platform when making a online store or blog. A person who has no pervious experience in coding a website, can very easily change page formation and settings, fonts, colors and backgrounds in WordPress. Two simple tools for that are plugins and themes.


“WordPress themes are like clothes, that make it beautiful. It embodys the users personal style while having amenities and different functions. It really is that simple. To go even deeper we would have to talk about things that a beginner doesn´t need. By gaining knowledge on the topic you may want to know, how to modify themes so it would be original, not some off-the-rack theme everyone can use. I hope the analogy about a theme being like an clothing item that makes WordPress beautiful, is clear.

Compared to clothes, all WordPress themes are free. There are thousand of professionally designed, fully ready to use themes. The biggest con with the free themes is that they require some knowledge of WordPress coding so you can change them to your liking. But there is also an alternative. For an extra fee you can buy premium themes. The time you can save by buying the premium themes, is worth much more than they actually cost. Premium themes offer more benefits like easier settings, much better customer support, user forum, additional tools and widgets, also regular updates to be up to date with new versions of WordPress.”


“Plug-in is a small program or combination of programs, which is quite important once you have WordPress installed, since it increases the functionality of your website. Plugins allow more functions to your blog or website and they are smoothly integrated with WordPress so they have nothing to do with the code and they do not change your setup, that being a huge bonus. They are completely seperate.

Most plugins are free so it is important to understand, that technical support does not come with them. When choosing a plugin, it would be reasonable to consider:”

  • How much time has passed from your last update
  • Does the plugin support your latest version of WordPress
  • Is the plugin homepage still there
  • Have the people looking for customer support, gotten it
  • General opinion of the plugin on the download page

There are literally thousands of plugins for download, but there are also premium plugins you need to pay for. Reasons you might want to pay for them may be:

  • Even though there are thousands of free plugins, premium ones offer full-time customer support and developers, who work with providing safety and connection for the plugins in the newest version of WordPress
  • Free plugins work well with each other and on their own most of the time, but it may happen that one of the plugins code can distract another one, causing connection problems. So with a paid plugin it is good to know you have customer support that helps you when something goes wrong.

You might want to ask, what can these plugins do? There probably is a plugin that introduces other plugins. If you go through the WordPress plugin catalog, you can see very many different plugins, that make your website even better and comfortable for use.